We are a family owned farm and have been in Amelia since 1955. We are now the third generation working on the farm. We currently grow several varities of hay to feed our animals and to people that own horses, goats, and cattle. We raise different types of hays to suit the needs of the animals. We know that what is good for goats, may not be good for horses. Since we raise all these animals, we have done research on the various needs and can test the animals to see what they prefer.

We also raise free range chickens and turkeys. We use antibiotic free grain and the animals roam where they wish. We sell the eggs and also the birds. At time we also have chicks to sell. We have a varities of chickens and some even lay the blue eggs. They taste the same but children are fascinated by them. The turkeys we have are not the white ones but look like the wild ones and the ones you see in the story books. They are called heritage turkeys.

 We sell beef cattle, Angus. We sell bulls for breeding and we also sell the meat. Our cattle are mosty grass fed and no hormones are added to feed. We also try to keep them antibiotic free and will only use medications if the cow gets sick. We do not sell the cow until it has been off medications for the time required by the medication so that it is not in the animals system.   We are in the process of setting things up so that the customer can get select parts of the beef instead of having to take the entire cow to the market. 

Our goats are primarily meat goats. We sell them for breeding stock and for meat. Currently we send them to market and people do come and buy them for meat but have to butcher them themselves. We are in the process of getting some butchered at a USDA approved butcher and then will be able to sell them by the pound. Contact us for more information.